About us

Aimed at intermediate and advanced players the music is fun, varied and occasionally challenging too! We play a variety of genres including music from shows such as Wicked and Chicago, as well as traditional music from Glen Miller and some exciting original works for saxophone orchestra by composers such as Barbara Thompson and Chris Gumbley. This mix means there is something for everyone!

Pieces are arranged for a mix of sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones; often with keyboard and percussion accompaniment to enhance our sound.

We're a diverse bunch, men and women of all ages from across Hampshire and beyond. You'll find enthusastic adult learners and students amongst us as well as professional musicians. You'll also find doctors, gardeners, teachers, engineers, a few retired folk and many others; all united by a passion for music!

Saxophony are very fortunate to have a couple of roadies who do more than help us lug equipment around; they also take photos, provide refreshments and give all round great support! Any other friends and family are welcome to join this bunch!

Our members

Our members make up our ensemble. We are always wanting more musicians of all types of Saxophone. At present we are made up of the following balances. Can you help us even them out?











What we do

We play a number of different type of gigs, have a look below at our most common, if you want to give it a try, why not play with us?

Band stands

During the summer term Saxophony venture outside and brave the British weather to play on bandstands across the South. The repetoire is lighter in nature and it's purely for fun and entertainment!


For a number of years Saxophony have competed successfully in the Southampton Fesitival of Music and Drama, winning our category and gaining high praise from the adjudicators for outstanding musicality and playing as an ensemble.


Throughout the year Saxophony enjoy opportunities to play at a variety of venues, including Thorden Hall Chandler's Ford, The United Church Winchester, Winchester Cathedral, Locks Heath Free Church and Botley Market Hall. We have been fortunate to play alongside other esembles including Funky Flute Club, Southampton Ukulele Jam, Eastleigh Area Schools Orchestra, Supersonic and Flautissimo.


A subsection of Saxophony were delighted to play at the wedding reception for our musical director. Saxophony are a versatile bunch and are willing to turn their hand to anything, we just love any opportunity to play and for others to enjoy our music.